Order Processing Assitant

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Làm việc tại: Hồ Chí Minh: Quận 7
Mức lương: Thương Lượng
Kinh nghiệm: 3 Năm



Primary Job Function


1)    To understand the philosophy and culture of the company, practice on daily basis during the Q up to support the Vision, Mission and Company Objectives. Keep the brand alive culture and promote its values.


2)    Participates and contributes towards the various planning session and updates the management on the progress of the plans during the Management Meeting Review (MRM) and the monthly Management Committee Meeting (MCM)


3)    Is responsible to drive and achieve the agreed Objectives Goals Strategy and Measurements (OGSM) established during the Corporate Planning Cycle.


4)    Is responsible to provide accurate, reliable, and timely information to the management if and when required during his or her employment.


5)    Is responsible of its team member’s or its own development, coaching and counselling to be applied if and when required.


6)    Should always perform his duties within the company Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Policies.


Secondary Job Function

7)     Ordering and Purchasing

  • Best Practices - Improve processes and policies in support of organizational goals.
  • Formulate and implement departmental and organizational policies and procedures to maximize output.
  • Monitor adherence to rules, regulations and procedures pertaining to orderings.
  • Ensures no out of ERP system management (SYSPRO procedures).
  • Monitor ongoing compliance with purchasing policies and procedures.
  • Direct procurement policies to ensure all items are purchased and delivered within budget and time constraints.
  • Manage vendor and supplier selection process based on price, quality, support, capacity and reliability.
  • Ensures accurate and timely delivery of all orders. Coordinate with warehouse to arrange goods will be delivered as schedule.
  • Ensure all orders of goods are made and monitored in timely manner.
  • Receive, check sales order and carry out to process the sales order until delivering the goods to customer and get DO returned.
  • Plan and inform delivery schedule to customer via business contract team
  • Follow up closely, get DO return to complete Sales Order.
  • Coordinate closely with Procurement, Logistics to update ETA for planning delivery schedule
  • Coordinate closely with Accounting about outstanding debt of customer before delivery.
  • Report to Supply Chain Manager as required.




·         Critical thinking and problem solving skills

·         Planning and organizing

·         Decision-making

·         Communication skills

·         Persuasiveness

·         Influencing and leading

·         Delegation

·         Team work

·         Negotiation

·         Conflict management

·         Adaptability

·         Stress Tolerance



  • Bảo hiểm
  • Du Lịch
  • Thưởng
  • Chăm sóc sức khỏe
  • Đào tạo
  • Tăng lương
  • Đồng phục
  • Chế độ nghỉ phép
  • Ngôn ngữ của hồ sơ: Tiếng anh
  • Hình thức làm việc: Toàn Thời Gian Cố Định
  • Cấp bậc: Nhân Viên
  • Giới tính: Nữ
  • Số lượng: 2 Người
  • Việc làm mới cập nhật: 3 tháng trước
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